Introducing… Susan Hocking

Hey Mate, how are ya? Got a problem? No worries mate! It’s all good. The name’s Suse.

Alright, enough of that now. I have something to confess – I am not a natural born Australian.
GASP, shock, horror! How on earth did you get onto an all Aussie blogging team then? Well, I may not have been born here, but I have been naturalised, honest. Let me explain.

I was born in South Africa (and no, we did not have wild animals roaming our backyard. Common misconception). When I was seventeen, my family moved over to Australia. Best decision we EVER made. I cannot imagine living anywhere else (and yes, here we do have the odd wallaby visiting our backyard). I have now been living here for fifteen years, so I think I can now qualify as an Aussie.

I am married to an Aussie hunk (hubbahubba) and have two gorgeous Aussie daughters and we live out in the semi-rural hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland (best state there is ;)). We also share our acreage with a pitch black lab cross, named Lula (she used to be called the demon dog, until she outgrew puppydom), two chooks and two fishtanks worth of fish. Oh yes, and an abundance of Aussie wildlife which we have the privilege of living amongst.

I have been reading books since, well, since I could read (imagine that!), and with the encouragement of my amazing parents I became a voracious reader. For my thirtieth birthday my parents gave me a kindle, and within the year I had read over two hundred titles on kindle and hard copy. You could say I LOVE to read.

I only started writing last year around June with the encouragement of my dad. He has just self-published his first Australian Adventure Thriller (I’m so proud of him) and that is what got me scribbling out my own stories.
As well as writing my own YA stories, I am a starting out freelance editor (I cannot turn off my inner editor, even when writing my own stuff, or reading other published books). I am also a substitute teacher with a Bachelor in Primary Education, although, I usually stick to high school. It gives me plenty of ideas working with young people who are the same age as my characters.

The Aussie icon I think I am quite like is Redheads matches. I may not be a redhead, but I tend to have a bit of a fiery temper. Okay, scratch that, I’m a serious hot head (just ask hubs, poor guy cops it sometimes).


Oh yes, and you can visit me on my own blog The Scribbling Post or on Twitter, or even, on facebook!

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