Introducing… Lauren McKellar

Why, hello there! Thanks for stopping by our page. It’s my turn for an introduction and I have to admit, I don’t really know where to start. So, uh, my name is Lauren and I like sunsets, daiquiris, and long walks upon the beach (or, in ‘Australian,’ I like the arvo, beer, and barbies on the beach, mate) (and no, we don’t really all talk like that).

More importantly, I love reading and writing. I’ve been an official Nerd for as long as I can remember–I even read the dictionary as a kid (yes, I was insanely popular). As magazine editor of two national publications I work with words a lot, so it’s lucky I like them.

I’ve done several courses on writing and have recently completed my first YA Contemporary manuscript and am working on an NA Contemporary. I’m also one of the founding members of the Central Coast Writers Group of Awesomeness.

When it comes to reading, some of my favourite Australian authors are John Marsden, Melina Marchetta, Marcus Zusak and Kate Forsyth. From a broader YA/NA reading perspective, I am shamelessly mainstream and love John Green, Colleen Hoover and Jessica Sorensen–for me, reading has to be fun and escapist, consuming me enough to take me away from my real life and engaging enough to make me want to keep reading as I wait on the platform for the train, as I stand in line for groceries or as I fit in a quick breakfast pre-work.

I live with my super-hot boyfriend who is incredibly writing supportive (if he has to listen to me narrate a scene one more time…) and our two cute puppies who are great for cuddles on the days when the words just won’t work.

The Aussie icon I’m most like is the convict; sure, I’ve done some stupid/bad ass/illegal things, but I’m a hard worker and a good person deep down, and would steal a loaf of bread if I had to. Oh, and I mainly wear black and white.

(Note: I actually look nothing like this)Photo: Big Stock

(Note: I actually look nothing like this)
Photo: Big Stock

If you’d like to find me in other places you can chat to me on twitter, look me up on facebook or stop by my blog.
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  1. Hello! I saw your page on Facebook and so excited to see Aussie YA writers supporting each other. I’m new to the blogging world – created a blog then took about a month to write my first post. Loving your bios and will certainly be following you all.



  2. Hahaha love that the Central Coast Writers Group Of Awesomeness gets a mention!
    And not all Australians talk like that…but an alarming amount do! 😛
    Some of those authors you mention are sneaking their way into my classroom conversations. One of my students is reading John Green’s TFIOS, and next term I’m teaching Tomorrow When The War Began (I think). So exciting! 🙂



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