Introducing…Emily the Wiggle! (not really)

G’day. Crikey. Um…fair dinkum? I may be Aussie, but I’m not really up on our slang. I’m Emily Mead. I’m waving at you but you can’t see it, because I’m wearing an invisibility cloak. Fun fact: I may also be slightly loony.

I’m here as your second Aussie Owned and Read blogger. Writing started for me as soon as I knew what it was, and today, as a teenager, I’ve written two young adult novels, with a third outlined and ready to write. Last year I participated in NaNoWriMo, which scored my my second novel, Mutual Weirdness. I find that maths class is my most productive period of writing (but mostly because the school’s WiFi blocks Facebook and Twitter…also because it’s maths).

As for Aussie icons, I’d say I most resemble…the Wiggles. Everyone knows the Wiggles, right? I’m most like them because they’re colourful, as well as because at heart I’m just a big kid. And also they sing the best songs every invented. Deny it, I dare you.

I feel like I’m missing something…oh, yes, books. Ha. The Harry Potter series is very dear to me, because I’ve grown up in that world. More recently, I’ve also begun to enjoy contemporary YA, specifically John Green and Stephen Chbosky. My favourite Aussie authors are John Marsden (Tomorrow When the War Began), Morris Gleitzman (Two Weeks with the Queen) and Markus Zusak (The Book Thief).

You can find me on Twitter and WordPress.

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  1. Lovely to meet you Emily.
    I’m thinking you must be about my daughters age.. cause she loved the same books you did/do :))
    Good on you for doing the NaNoWriMo & having a Book come from the effort 🙂



  2. Take 2/ Hmmm… I know wordpress just hates me LOL
    Lovely to hear about you Emily.
    You have similar reading tastes to my daughter…
    Good on you for completing NaNOWritMO – great achievment



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