Introducing … Cassandra Page

Um. Is this thing on? *taptaptap*

Oh, hi! My name is Cassandra and I’m writing to you as the first (alphabetically; I make no other claims) of the Aussie Owned and Read bloggers. You may be wondering why I’m qualified to write about books, especially young adult and new adult books in an Australian context. So here are a few random factoids about me, which may or may not reassure you. :p

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a Professional Writing specialisation. I got my degree longer ago than I care to remember. And since 2007 I’ve been a professional editor  in the public service. (I live in Canberra; of course I’m a public servant!)

I may not be a teenager anymore (at least, I wasn’t last time I checked!) but I’ve been reading books with teenage and “new adult” protagonists for a long time—certainly longer than NA has been a genre. I also write young adult urban fantasy: I have two completed YA manuscripts thus far (Isla’s Inheritance and an unnamed sequel) and am about to embark on a third.

Also, I’m an Aussie, which definitely helps as far as qualifications go! I live with my three-year-old son and a family of magpies that have decided I’m an easy mark. (One time I gave them a bit of bacon; that was the day they adopted us for good.) I love Australian authors, including Kate Forsyth, Jay Kristoff, Kerry Greenwood and Isobelle Carmody, as well as kids authors including Nick Bland and Mem Fox.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or at my own blog.

Finally, here is an Aussie icon that I resemble: the echidna. Why? Because I lay eggs have an elongated, slender snout am a solitary creature that can sometimes be a little bit prickly when people try to eat me! Also, both the echidna and I were named after ancient Greek figures: it a goddess, and me a woman with serious credibility issues. Go us!

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  1. Reblogged this on Cassandra Page and commented:

    Here is my introductory post from over at Aussie Owned and Read. You could read it for my sparkling wit (HA!) but, more excitingly, there’s a giveaway starting today as well; three Amazon ebooks and a few different edits or critiques from the fabulous Aussie Owned contributors. Gogogo!



  2. Yep, magpies are like that 🙂 Give em an inch (or in this case a piece of bacon) and they take a mile!

    Lovely to read more about you.



  3. This looks so exciting! I’m an Australian teen author who wants to be published and I find it difficult to find publishing news in Australia. And my dad feeds a family of kookaburras, so I totally identify with the magpies! 😀



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