Welcome to Aussie Owned & Read.

G’day, and welcome to the very first post for Aussie Owned & Read, a blog dedicated to Young and New Adult novels and written by eight Australian ladies involved in the writing and publishing community.

This is a blog for people who read books, people who write books and people who have a passion for all things words. We’d love you to comment on our posts, enter our competitions and basically be our friends; after all, that’s how this whole thing came about!

As anyone who writes or reads knows, the friends you make while writing and reading are some of the best kinds of people. Stacey and Lauren, the blog founders, met through a pitch competition (thanks, Brenda Drake!) and have since exchanged numerous emails, texts and even met in Real Life to share their love of YA and NA books.

Both longed to create a blog where they could get excited about novels they loved, obstacles they’ve overcome as writers and share their passion for books with giveaways and competitions – and so Aussie Owned & Read was born.

Stacey and Lauren were lucky enough to have a few Aussie writing friends who also had Aussie writing friends, and soon a group of eight was formed, ready to take over the world one sausage sizzle, meat pie, pavlova at a time. We’re all very different and we all like very different things; which is what makes this blog so bloody Aussie! It’s mateship, prevailing despite differences.

We will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday, with surprise guest blogs every now and then. To kick it all off though, we thought we’d do things Aussie style and invite you to celebrate Australia Day with us.

We’re hosting a HUGE giveaway of interest to both writers and readers, with the following swag up for grabs:

Graffiti Moon Amazon ebook

Fall For Me Amazon ebook

All This Could End Amazon ebook

Professional edit of the first five pages of your manuscript

A first chapter critique

Two query or synopsis critiques

Yes, we have seven huge prizes to give away! For your chance to win, we want you to get to know us a little better. From Monday January 28 until February 5, we will introduce ourselves to you one at a  time with a short post every day detailing what Aussie icon we relate to most and why. At the end of each post you’ll find more info on how to win.

That’s all from us; thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your time at Aussie Owned & Read.

Stacey & Lauren

File:Pavlova dessert.JPG

Have a great Australia Day!
Pavlova photo from Wiki Commons


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